Centralized , hassle free billing solution suitable for all company sizes. You can completely automate your billing. NEON supports any call volume. No limitation on no of minutes.

CDR Processing

Automated CDR Processing

  • Integrated with various Gateways.
  • CDRs collected from your switch automatically.
  • CDR re-rating.
  • Manual CDR upload.
  • CDR Verification based on multiple authentication rules i.e. Authenticated IPs and Account Name.
Centerlized Billing

Centralized Billing

  • Collect CDRS automatically from Gateways i.e. Sippy and Vos and bring all data into NEON to generate one single multi-services invoice.
  • Analyse all your client and vendor usages from one single interface.
Dispute Management

Dispute Management

  • Reconcile Vendor invoices.
  • Raise disputes automatically.
  • Option to manually create disputes.
Schedule Invoices on NEON

Automate your Invoicing

  • Automate invoice scheduling and relax.
  • Verify invoices before sending.
  • Email Bulk invoices.
  • Invoices can be generated according to your customer-specific time zone.
  • Customer-specific billing cycles i.e. Weekly, Monthly, fortnightly etc.
  • Portal for your clients to view their invoices, payments, CDRs etc.

Credit Control

  • View Customer and Vendor unbilled usage.
  • Automatic Netting-off.
  • Setup Credit Limit and Balance Thresholds to automate reminders i.e. Low Balance.
Credit Control on NEON
Live Monitoring Dashboards

Monitoring Tools

  • Live monitoring Dashboards.
  • Hourly Call Analysis.
  • Customer and Vendor stats aggregated by Destination, Gateway, Trunk, Prefix and Account.
  • Various notifications/alerts (QoS,ACD,ASR)


  • Upload bulk payments or enter manually.
  • Automate Payment reminders so that you can get paid quicker.
  • Integrated with various payment providers.
Account Statement

Account Statement

  • Maintain a running balance due from account detailing all in and out invoices, in and out payments and disputes.
  • Option to export in Excel so it can be easily emailed to your clients.


Are you looking to integrate NEON with your switching platform? We’re launching new integrations every week just let us know which platform you want us to connect, and we can do it using the best way with NEON.

NEON integration with MiRTA
NEON integration with VOS
NEON integration with PortaOne
NEON integration with Sippy
NEON integration with kolmisoft
NEON integration with Streamco
NEON integration with FusionPbx
NEON integration with Huawei
NEON integration with Vital PBX
NEON integration with Free PBX

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We’re launching new integrations every week just let us know which platform you want us to connect.

NEON integration with QuickBooks
NEON integration with Sage
NEON integration with Xero
NEON integration with Exchange
NEON integration with Mandrill
NEON integration with IMAP
NEON integration with FreshDesk
NEON integration with Authorize
NEON integration with PayPal
NEON integration with Stripe
NEON integration with Stripe ACH
NEON integration with Sage Pay
NEON integration with Fidelity Pay
NEON integration with Fastpay
NEON integration with Forte
NEON integration with GoCardless
NEON integration with Masapay

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