Customer Rate Management wraps the difficulties of telecom providers with organizing rates and proposes solutions to simplify work with rate lists management. It focuses in processing large volumes of rate sheets in spite of format and has been cooperating with many telecom providers analyzing their obligations.

NEON is proud to propose you Customer Rate Management, a flexible and suitable tool to manage your destinations and rates. Our tool helps you to automate and make simpler your work with rates in a very easy process. It will make your business well-organized and saves you cost and time.

  • Setup unlimited rate tables
  • Send full or partial rate notifications from within NEON interface to customers detailing all increases, decreases and no changes in rates
  • Bulk update and send multiple customer rates with a single click, saving immense time and hassle to individually update all customers
  • Manage both Inbound and Outbound rates
  • Manage Current and Future rates
  • View all Customer rate sheets upload/download history
  • Rate/Re Rate CDRs based on Customer Rates

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