Tasks, Emails, Leads, Reminders, Opportunities, Mailbox keeps track of all your sales activities, making your workflow better and faster than ever before.

NEON | CRM Dashboard

NEON CRM Dashboard

Measure individual or team performance, View Active Tasks, High-level pipeline overview for the entire team, Monthly, and Weekly Revenue Stats, Pipeline Summary, Forecasting, Recent Accounts, and many more widgets which will help to better manage and improve sales productivity.


Generate, assign, qualify and convert leads to accounts captured through various sources including campaigns, exhibitions, referrals, phone calls, etc.


Manage customer and vendor accounts, bilateral commitments, and much more.


Online contact management. Have one place for all your contacts. Maintain your contacts in a centralized address book.


Create and assign tasks to other users at any stage in the funnel. Follow-up tasks. Tasks board, so you can simply drag and drop tasks from one stage to another. NEON will automatically send you an email reminding you about the tasks that are assigned to you. This new level of automation helps you drive consistent processes and increase efficiency.

NEON | CRM Tasks
NEON | CRM Opportunities


With NEON's simple and visual pipeline, you can easily organize, manage and maintain your sales opportunities. Simply drag and drop your opportunities from one stage to the next. Pipeline management organizes and streamlines your sales process.

Activity Timeline

The timeline shows you every activity and touchpoint against the Account or Lead including emails, notes, tasks, and support tickets

NEON | CRM Activity Timeline

Email Templates

Customized email templates. You can share templates with your entire team, or just keep your templates to yourself until they’ve been tried and tested.

NEON | Email Templates


Categorize and label contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities on various parameters using Tags.


Send more emails faster with our bulk send option. Complete email conversation history visualized. Neon offers IMAP email integration, which allows you to send emails from Neon and get replies logged automatically in Neon. By connecting your email account with Neon, you can send emails within Neon. Setup is extremely easy, and Neon will begin to automatically track email threads with any contacts you have in your organization.

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