Rate sheet; is a rate list provided by different providers from different countries, which are using different telecom soft switches or PBX(s)to manage their telecom traffic. They all can have different rate sheet formats according to their business needs.

There are many columns in these rate sheets which are not useful and very time consuming when comes to sorting them out according to your needs, every time you process rate sheets. It also makes it difficult for the providers to generate LCRs thus taking numerous man-hours if one tries to do it manually.

There are many tools available in the market to do this job for you but NEON; a complete telecom process management solution, is a feature-rich system to full-fill all your telecom business needs.

Rate Management module in NEON, can process the different rate sheets regardless of it's format. Also, there are other features like Rate Comparison Tools, with which you can compare different rates provided by different providers side-by-side and generate LCR for different scenarios.

Our Customers Processing Rate Sheets:

  • BT Rate Sheets
  • Gamma Rate Sheets
  • Orange Rate Sheets
  • O2 Rate Sheets
  • Magrathea Rate Sheets
  • Virgin Rate Sheets
  • Vonage Rate Sheets
  • SimWood Rate Sheets
  • Vodafone Rate Sheets
  • And a lot more

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