Previously carriers used to charge for calls according to the destination of a call and based on the location where it is terminated.  According to new charging mechanisms which have been implemented in a number of countries in Europe, the price of a call is determined by considering not only its destination, but also its origin. Calls to the same destination may have two different prices depending on where call is originating from. For example, a call to a landline number in Belgium might cost $0.02 per minute if called from a Belgium number, but same call cost $0.125 per minute if called from a USA number. This concept is called Origin-Based rating. Origin is determined by the caller ID of the call.

Origin based rating concept has been introduced in order to not lose all profits where generally calls from outside Europe into Europe will be more expensive than calls within Europe. 

In order to maintain compatibility with these changes, NEON has introduced origin-based rating and A number billing.

You can find a guide “Origin-Based Rating” in our Knowledge Base.

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