Support Ticket Management System is a state of the art feature specially build to match your business need while working in the same environment. We are helping to improve communication and above all, we are working together to help turn interactions into lasting relationships.

Get a support ticketing Management system designed just for you. At NEON SOFT, we are passionate about facilitating positive interactions and, most importantly, ensuring they result in lasting relationships.

NEON has all Billing, Invoicing, Rate Management, CRM, Reporting & Monitoring, and other functionalities to meet all financial aspects of a business. 

With NEON - Best Support Ticketing System - Help Desk Software, you can easily handle customer issues, complaints, and feedback through a smart system.

Why Choose NEON Support Ticketing System?

NEON's support ticket management system is so efficient that it helps telecom companies connect with their customers and solve issues without wasting time. With this kind of efficiency, there won't be a need to wait days before you're notified of your problem is resolved. 

If something happens while using the system, users can create a ticket, and NEON will look into the matter themselves instead of having you contact them through social media or email messaging.

Keep Track Of All Support Tickets - Easily keep track of all your customer tickets on one simple and intuitive interface - without having to switch between pages or tabs.

Manage Your Support System - Add new tickets, manage existing ones, configure notifications, and save time on repetitive tasks thanks to NEON's streamlined dashboard.

Provide Better Customer Service - Help resolve customer issues as efficiently as possible using NEON's inbuilt communications tools - like automatic emails and notifications!

Manage Multiple Support Channels - NEON's intuitive interface allows you to manage a single software solution for all support channels. Chat with customers through live chat from your website or desktop app, or send them an email from NEON's email ticketing system.

Get Insightful Analytics - Track all aspects of customer interactions so that you can see what they care about most and respond accordingly. Take a look at their problems, watch videos on how they interact with your support team, see which channels they prefer, or analyze their satisfaction rates so that you can improve over time.

Customizable Feature Sets - NEON can adapt to customers' needs through its ease of use. All features are customizable.

Automatic Agents - It's like having a human assistant behind every ticket! NEON automates incoming messages from your customers so you don't have to read emails all day long.

NEON has all the right tools at its fingertips so support teams can find answers faster. With all your customer service needs to be included in NEON - Best Support Ticketing System; everything is easy as pie. Request a Demo Now.

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SLA/Escalations | NEON Ticketing


Define SLA rules for each department, escalate support tickets to higher levels if not responded on time.

Send Estimates in seconds

Ticket Priorities

Setup support ticket priorities, you can choose whether to give the customer option to escalate ticket or leave this option for staff/automation only.

Estimate Log

Ticket Subscriptions

Allow staff members to subscribe to ticket email notifications on each thread they work on. Staff members will receive notifications about important support tickets events.

Estimate Comments

Custom Ticket Statuses

Define ticket statuses that work for your industry, change statuses as and when needed.

Customized Estimate Templates

Import Email Replies

You and your staff members can reply to support tickets virtually from anywhere, just reply to email notification to have a reply added to the ticketing system.

Duplicate Estimate

Ticket Import Information

Learn which customer sent an email, what submission method he used, edit ticket CC list.

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