Support Ticket Management System is a state of the art feature specially build to match your business need while working in the same environment. We are helping to improve communication and above all, we are working together to help turn interactions into lasting relationships.
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SLA/Escalations | NEON Ticketing


Define SLA rules for each department, escalate support tickets to higher levels if not responded on time.

Send Estimates in seconds

Ticket Priorities

Setup support ticket priorities, you can choose whether to give the customer option to escalate ticket or leave this option for staff/automation only.

Estimate Log

Ticket Subscriptions

Allow staff members to subscribe to ticket email notifications on each thread they work on. Staff members will receive notifications about important support tickets events.

Estimate Comments

Custom Ticket Statuses

Define ticket statuses that work for your industry, change statuses as and when needed.

Customized Estimate Templates

Import Email Replies

You and your staff members can reply to support tickets virtually from anywhere, just reply to email notification to have a reply added to the ticketing system.

Duplicate Estimate

Ticket Import Information

Learn which customer sent an email, what submission method he used, edit ticket CC list.

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