Telecommunications Fraud: Why it happens and How to prevent it?

Telecommunication fraud is the use of telecommunication products or services with the intent of illegitimately acquiring money from, or deteriorating to pay, a telecommunication company or its clients.

E.g. PBX/IP-PBX Fraud: The hacking of a PBX to initiate long-distance and high case destination calling by fraudsters.

Telecommunication fraud is becoming a major problem these days because of the unprotected nature of the open architecture used by many modern telecom systems.

NEON can help you stop losses before they occur. NEON - Fraud Management is designed to automatically detect fraudulent activity and also prevents further losses by acting in real-time. You can set up various alerts which will be raised as soon as fraud will be detected.

Be proactive, with real-time monitoring and alerting.

Fraud Management | NEON

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