Postpaid you collect a bill at the end of each month based on your real usage

As the name proposes, the distinction between Prepaid and Postpaid plans is concerning when you pay for them. Prepaid plans work by having you 'revive' your account before you can use it. Recharges come in a range of prices with changeable insertions, and you are free to switch which refresh option you choose every time you top-up.

If you utilize up all of your credit on a prepaid plan, you need to recharge your account before you can use these service again. Postpaid plans are more similar to conformity. You select a plan and every month your Telco will bill you and automatically revive your plan additions on the first day of your billing cycle.

If you utilize up all of your credit on a postpaid account, your Telco will allow you carry on to use its services for an extra fee, which is put in to your bill sum in the next month. Both plan types have pros and cons, but if you are actually worried about joining to a budget, then a prepaid plan is the most excellent choice.

With NEON you can manage both post-paid and pre-paid accounts.

  • Subscription plans (Recurring and One-Off Charges)
  • Automated Low Balance and Payment Reminders
  • Centralized Billing
  • Centralized Monitoring
  • Centralized Rate Management 
  • Pre-paid or post-paid support
  • Subscription plans (Recurring and One-Off Charges)
  • Unlimited Rate Plans
  • Service based billing
  • Discount Plans
  • Toll-Free billing
  • Automatic Account Blockin
  • Customer Portal for your clients 
  • Multi-Currency support
  • Multi-Level Taxes Management
  • Various Alerts and notifications

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