Vodia PBX is a complete PBX solution that delivers voice and data communications. The system supports any public or private phone network. It can be used in offices, businesses, schools, government facilities, and other similar areas. Vodia PBX allows you to create multiple extensions for each employee and integrates with an online portal for easy management of user accounts.

Vodia PBX is a company that makes telephony solutions for small and medium businesses. The company helps small and medium business owners to reduce their costs, improve communication, and increase efficiency in the workplace. Vodia PBX is a SIP-based cloud-based unified communications platform that offers business communication solutions to enterprises and individuals at a very affordable price. It enables you to communicate with any device anywhere in the world. 

Vodia PBX Integration With NEON Billing Solution 

Vodia PBX, a pioneer in the VoIP phone systems market is now fully integrated with NEON billing software. The integration provides seamless and simple connectivity between the Vodia PBX and NEON billing solutions, enabling enterprises to manage their business expenses efficiently.

How does it Work?

Telecom billing software NEON is a complete hosted platform helping and streamlining billing, charging, sales, support, and monitoring processes. With NEON connected to Vodia PBX, all calling records are brought into NEON's system for billing as well as monitoring. NEON offers stable, secure, and well-tested solutions for all users of Vodia. In addition, NEON provides you with detailed analytical data that can be used to prevent fraud and guide the management of your customers and vendors. 

Automated CDR Processing | NEON Complete Telecom Managment Solution

CDR Processing

Automatic CDR collection. Options to re rate CDRs and manually upload CDRs.


Automated Billing | NEON Complete Telecom Managment Solution

Automated Billing

Completely automate invoice scheduling. Toll-Free, Fixed Line, telecom and Origination no based billing.


Tax Management | NEON Complete Telecom Managment Solution

Tax Management

Multi-Level taxes management. Specify multiple taxes at invoice line or overall invoice.


Neon Billing

Various Integrations

Integrated with various payment providers and accounting softwares i-e Authroize.Net, Stripe, PayPal, Sage and QuickBook.


Core Features 

  • Centralized Billing
  • Centralized Monitoring
  • Centralized Rate Management 
  • Pre-paid or post-paid support
  • Subscription plans (Recurring and One-Off Charges)
  • Estimates/Quotations
  • Unlimited Rate Plans
  • Service based billing
  • Discount Plans
  • Toll-Free billing
  • Origin-based-rating and Anumber billing
  • Fixed Line billing
  • CDR Rating/Re Rating
  • Automatic Account Blocking
  • Customer Portal for your clients 
  • Detailed reporting and Statistics
  • Email Notifications about Expensive and Longest calls, Calls after business hours , Calls on blacklisted destinations etc
  • Automated Low Balance and Payment Reminders
  • Multi-Currency support
  • Multi-Level Taxes Management
  • White Labelling
  • User and User roles management