Sippy Software, Inc. is a software development company who are focused on distributing move forward to internet telephony answers to present high-quality services for the booming Wholesale and Retail telecommunications business

Both emerging and set up companies can put up Sippy solutions and assimilate as their business life-cycle and clients insist on unmatched flexibility. Set up Sippy Softswitch as the first structure to a bright future, or bring in Sippy as a firm establishment to your voice network, scaling with flexibility as your traffic claims. 

NEON - Billing For Sippy Solution - Integration With Sippy Softswitch 

We're excited to announce that our billing software NEON now works with sippy Softswitch software, which means billers can process orders more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Using SIP trunking, sippy helps streamline the call processing process between carriers and service providers. 

For users with legitimate Sippy licenses, NEON provides a stable, secure and well-tested solution. In addition to acquiring the NEON Soft Billing license, you will receive assistance with setting up and configuring our NEON Billing solution and Sippy Softswitch from our experts.

NEON - Telecom Billing Software Integration With Sippy Software

The Sippy billing system is a full-featured solution that can integrate seamlessly with billing softwares to provide affordable, flexible and user-friendly billing services. The solution supports all kinds of telecom carriers like CDMA, GSM, Wireless and VOIP.

By using a single core, it can support all network types under one billing system. The advanced billing solution also provides detailed reports on call usage and billing data. It also allows users to customize their reports as per their needs. 

With its intuitive interface, customizable features and cost-effective pricing plans, it is ideal for small businesses in need of professional yet cost-effective billing solutions. The software integrates with billing softwares by acting as an intelligent billing switch between endpoints and billing systems. This process is called sippy billing integration or sippy software integration. The purpose of these integrations are:

1) Provide flexibility to scale up or down based on your changing business requirements at any time 

2) Ensure no loss of service quality when scaling up or down your operation 

3) Increase the overall efficiency of your business by integrating multiple business processes into one seamless operation. 

4) Reduce operational costs 

5) Save time and effort by automating repetitive tasks with a single click 

6) Ensure uninterrupted service quality in times of emergency or disaster, when manual intervention is not possible. 

7) Ensure higher customer satisfaction with a more personalized experience based on their usage patterns. 

8) Increase your business’s credibility by showing potential customers that you are using an advanced telecom billing solution that can be customized to suit their needs. 

9) Improve your business’s image by demonstrating its commitment to data security and privacy, especially when handling sensitive data like credit card information or personal information about customers or employees. 

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Supports any call volume. No limitation on no of minutes.

Neon Billing

Centralized Monitoring

Analyze all your client and vendor usages from multiple switches in one single interface. Live monitoring dashboards. Customer and Vendor stats aggregated by Destination, Trunk, Prefix, Account and Gateway.

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Neon Billing

Automated Billing

Completely automate invoice scheduling. Invoices can be generated according to your customer specific time zone and billing cycles i.e. Weekly, Monthly, fortnightly etc. Portal for your clients to view their invoices, payments, CDRs etc.

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Neon Billing

Automated CDR Processing

CDRs collected from your switch automatically. Options to re rate CDRs and manually upload CDRs. CDR Verification based on multiple authentication rules i.e. Authenticated IPs and Account Name.

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Neon Billing

Rate Management

Manage both Customer and Vendor Rates. Analysis tools to perform various analyzing tasks on your rates.

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Core features

  • Centralized Billing
  • Automated CDR processing
  • CDR Rating/Re Rating
  • Automated invoice scheduling
  • Centralized Reporting & Monitoring
  • QoS Monitoring
  • Fraud Management
  • Dispute Management
  • Automatic Netting Off
  • Credit Control
  • Account Statement
  • Vendor Hourly Stats
  • Rate Management
  • LCR Lists