Giacom is UK’s leading technology provider offering powerful billing software solutions. From educational institutions to retail, social care to logistics, Giaom empowers organisations to boost productivity and achieve maximum return-on-investments (ROIs). Their billing solutions automate the collection and rating of call data records (CDRs) from networks and carriers. This process generates charges generated to each customer’s tariff, including cloud services. These charges along with any additional one-off and recurring fees are consolidated into a single, timely invoice, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Giacom is a digital platform that empowers partners in delivering top-notch customer experience. Giacom ensures businesses across the UK maximise technology in the modern workplaces.

Giacom Integration with NEON Billing Solution

Giacom, a premier technology provider, is seamlessly integrates with NEON billing software enhancing its capabilities. This collaboration guarantees reliable billing with a unified approach, providing customers with consolidated bills for a clear overview of charges. With efficient sales processes and operational automation, telecom companies can focus on strategic initiatives and innovation, maximising efficiency and profitability.

How does it Work?

NEON SOFT revolutinises telecom billing with its all- encompassing hosted platform, simplifying billing, charging, sales, support and monitoring operations. As Giacom integrates seamlessly with NEON SOFT, all users will get robust billing solutions with automated CDRs import ensuring swift and accurate data processing, while charge code-based rating guarantees precision in billing. Further, customised invoices and templates for enhanced client satisfaction with easily compare one-off and recurring costs for optimal financial strategy. Mobile CDR billing further enhances accuracy by integrating mobile call records into the billing system seamlessly.

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Automated CDR Processing | NEON Complete Telecom Managment Solution

Automated CDRs Import

Swift, accurate recording for efficient billing.

Automated Billing | NEON Complete Telecom Managment Solution

Charge Code-Based Rating

Precision billing, tailored to unique requirements.

Tax Management | NEON Complete Telecom Managment Solution

Customised Invoices

Personalised invoices, reflecting brand and client needs.

Neon Billing

Templates & Bill Overview

Efortless billing management, comprehensive bill overview.

Neon Billing

One-Off and Recurring Costs Comparison

Optimise financial strategy with one-off and recurring cost comparison.

Neon Billing

Mobile CDRs Billing

Automate processing of mobile CDR files for seamless billing integration.


Core Features 

  • Centralized Billing
  • Centralized Monitoring
  • Centralized Rate Management 
  • Pre-paid or post-paid support
  • Subscription plans (Recurring and One-Off Charges)
  • Estimates/Quotations
  • Unlimited Rate Plans
  • Service based billing
  • Discount Plans
  • Toll-Free billing
  • Origin-based-rating and Anumber billing
  • Fixed Line billing
  • CDR Rating/Re Rating
  • Automatic Account Blocking
  • Customer Portal for your clients 
  • Detailed reporting and Statistics
  • Email Notifications about Expensive and Longest calls, Calls after business hours , Calls on blacklisted destinations etc
  • Automated Low Balance and Payment Reminders
  • Multi-Currency support
  • Multi-Level Taxes Management
  • White Labelling
  • User and User roles management