Billing Overview

  • Created :Thu,10,2023
  • Last Updated:Thu,11,2023

Here are you can see the Billing Overview for upcoming months.

There are 3 Tabs

  • Missing Accounts
  • Rating Issues
  • Invoices



Missing Accounts


Here you will see a list of all accounts which are not setup in NEON and we are getting CDR’s against those accounts.  Click on Filter button to select accounts.


Then you can filter those accounts based on gateways, You can filter with Gateway Type (required),Authentication Type (required),Gateway, Authentication value and Type. 


Field Description
Gateway Type Please select the gateway type like Mobile, SMS, Voice
 Gateway      Select your gateway type like VOS, Daisy, Sippy
Authentication Type Please select the type of your authentication
Authentication  Enter your authentication value based on authentication type, you can enter multiple value also by comma separated
Type Customer, Vendor, Both



You can map missing account by selecting the Account Name from the drop down ‘Select Account’. Once selected click on the Save button to save the changes.


For Bulk update, you need to use change selected button and then click to save.



Ignore List

Any account you don’t want to map, just select Ignore from List in the drop down. You can filter on Ignored accounts as shown below:


Rating Issues

Here you can see the all CDRs which are not rated.

To see detailed analysis, click on the values and it will redirect you to the CDR page.



Field Description
Date Please select the date
 Start  Time    Please select start time
End Time Please select the end time
Account Enter Account name


Invoices Overview

Here you can compare Invoices between previous and current billing cycle.

You can select the filter, and select your billing cycle, if you leave the accounts blank it will show you all the accounts.