Code Deck

  • Created :Fri,12,2016
  • Last Updated:Thu,01,2018

Here you can manage your code decks (Destination Sets). Code Deck is name set for your codes. By having multiple code decks you can freely operate in different names for same codes and change them on the fly. 



Adding New Code Deck

To create a code deck, click Add New button. Enter Codedeck name and click on save.


Managing Code Decks

Click on View button to   manage codes against the code deck.




Adding Codes

Click on Add New button to add new code.



Importing Codes

Click on Upload to import codes from file. Click on   to check file format supported.



Button Description
Bulk update codes
  Bulk delete codes
  Set codedeck as Default Codedeck. System will use default code deck for reporting purposes.