Rate Tables

  • Created :Fri,10,2017
  • Last Updated:Tue,11,2022

NEON lets you create unlimited rate tables. You can assign rate tables to any number of customers. This provides a single point of maintenance for many customers' rates, though you can also easily override them in cases of negotiated discounts.


Here you can add your rate table

rate tables

Field Description
Codedeck codedesk is list of destination sets, you can set your codedeck from settings -> codedeck
Trunk optional
Currency default currency for a rate table
Rate Table Name name of a rate table
Round Charge Amount

it's round up the value to given decimal points. Ex: you have entered 2 in Round Charged Amount then it will round the CDR amount like this : amount is 1.2355 becomes 1.24. Note that rounding off is always done upwards.


If you don't want rounding then keep default value 6.



You can View your are tables easily 




You can edit your table like 

rate tables


You can upload rates from Ratetable -> View Ratetable Rates -> Upload Rates



rate tables2 

Then upload your rate file and map your columns from excel/csv to neon

rate tables


Then you can apply rate table to customer/service by clicking on Apply Ratetable Button on Ratetable page.

rate tables 

Click on Edit button to apply rate table to any single account/service or you can also select multiple account/service and click on apply selected button to apply on multiple account/service. then select Ratetable on the popup and click on Apply button.

rate tables

Field Description
Code Destination code
Effective Date Rate Effective from
Rate1 Rate for first interval
RateN Rate for N interval
Connection Fee fee you want to charge as soon as call gets connected, if you don't want to then keep it 0.
Interval1 If you are doing per second billing then enter 1 and if you are doing per minute billing then enter 60
IntervalN After first Interval how you want to charge, if per second then enter 1 and if you are doing per minute billing then enter 60.
Timezone Time of a call, if you are using peak off-peak rates. if not then select default.