Rate Analysis

  • Created :Wed,09,2017
  • Last Updated:Mon,01,2024

Rate Analysis allows you to analyse and compare rates. Here you can compare multiple vendors , customers and rate tables rates side by side.  



 Field  Description
Code / Description Select Code or Description e.g. 91* , india* or * for all codes or code descriptions
Trunk Select a Trunk 
Code deck

Select a code deck. All codes will be presented according to the specified code deck. Select a code deck to pull code descriptions from.

Currency Specify a currency. All values will be automatically converted to the specified currency depending on exchange rate setup under Exchange Rate.
Group By

Select a grouping option

  • Code (aggregation by default output).
  • Description (grouping by rate rows with the same names and rates for all codes in each rate table).
Effective  Define the date of the rates.
Vendor Select Multiple Vendors for analysis
Customer Select Multiple Customers for analysis
Rate Table Select Multiple Rate Tables for analysis


You can edit rate by clicking on Edit button and can also apply margin.