Vodia PBX Integraton

  • Created :Fri,10,2023
  • Last Updated:Thu,11,2023

In order to enable integration with Vodia PBX please follow the below steps:

Add Vodia API details

  1. Go to Integration->Billing Gateway->Vodia PBX
  2. Click on Add New and add the details.



       3. Add API url username and password and other details. You can get API details from your Vodia panel.



Field Description
API User Name  Enter API's username (Required)
Authentication Rule  Select Account number 
CDR ReRate  If you want to re-rate CDRs from NEON then turn it ON otherwise keep it OFF
CLI Translation Rule  Optional 
API URL   Enter API URL (Required)
API Password  Enter API password (Required)

Add NEON IP address

Allow NEON server IP in Vodia PBX under:

  1. Vodia PBX admin->setting->security->access
       2. Add IPV 4 entry  




Setup Cron Job to import CDRs 

  1. Go to Cron Job page in NEON > Add New
  2. Select type “Download Vodia PBX CDR”
  3. Add all the details and click on Save


Import Accounts from Vodia PBX

  1. Go to Accounts ->Action->Import->select gateway->Next
  2. Select the accounts you want to import and click on Import button