Integration with VOS 5000

  • Created :Thu,11,2023
  • Last Updated:Wed,04,2024

VOS 5000 integration with NEON

Step 1: (User creation Optional)

#Create new user webcdr to kunshi group by using below command. You need to run below command in VOS server by using ssh (if you don’t have ssh then install it) or putty.

useradd -g kunshi webcdr

#Set password for webcdr

passwd webcdr

#Add permission webcdr folder

chmod 0755 /home/kunshi

chmod 0755 /home/kunshi/vos5000

chmod 0755 /home/kunshi/vos5000/cdrs

Step 2:

Allow NEON IP in your VOS server

Step 3:

Go to integration in the sidebar and follow the below screenshots.






Pop up will show add credentials accordingly.



Field Description
IP Adress Your VOS IP
Timezone Add accordingly like GMT +00 if you want.
BillingTimeZone Add accordingly like GMT +00 if you want.
User Name webcdr
Authentication Rule:  Add accordingly like IP or Account Name


At last scroll down to bottom and client on save button.

Once also detail filled please click on Test connection button for testing gateway integrated with

Neon successfully.