FreePBX Integration

  • Created :Mon,12,2023
  • Last Updated:Mon,04,2024

Before enabling integration with Free PBX 

  1. Create user "neon-user" in Free PBX database .
  2. Give read access to created user.
  3. Allow neon server IP to access Free PBX db. 

Create user queries

  1. CREATE USER 'neon-user'@'neon IP' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
  2. GRANT SELECT ON . TO 'neon-user'@' neon IP ' IDENTIFIED BY 'password' WITH GRANT OPTION;
  3. GRANT ALL ON asterisk.te_tenants TO 'neon-user'@' neon IP ';

Create Account : go to Account -> add new fill the details and save



In order to enable integration with Free PBX go to Integration -> Billing Gateway -> Free PBX





Gateway Title

Unique Gateway Title

IP address

IP address of gateway.


Timezone of gateway.

Billing TimeZone

Billing TimeZone is the Timezone in which you want to bill your customer. 


Select the Account which you create earlier

Authentication Rule

Authentication Rule based on which system will map accounts between Neon and your gateway

CDR ReRate

 If you want to rate CDRs in Neon set this to ON.

Rate Format : 

CDR rate format. Prefix based OR Charge Code

CLI Translation Rule 

You can use this to modify CLI.  You can type regular expression here e.g. if you want to remove 0330  from the start of CLI  type this  /^0330//

CLD Translation Rule

You can use this to modify CLD.  You can type regular expression here e.g. if you want to remove 0330  from the start of CLD  type this  /^0330//

Free PBX

Free PBX Server : Server IP

Free PBX Username : username with read access to database

Free PBX Password : password for above user 


Setup Cron Job to import CDRs 

  1. Go to Cron Job page in NEON > Add New
  2. Select type “Download Free PBX CDR”
  3. Add all the details and click on Save 



Import Accounts from Free PBX

  1. Go to Accounts ->Action->Import->select gateway->Next
  2. Select the accounts you want to import and click on Import button