• Created :Thu,07,2020
  • Last Updated:Tue,12,2020

To Access Deal Management section click on Deal Management from sidebar menu.

Here you can manage bilateral agreements. 



You can add new deal by clicking on Add New button on the screen.

Fill all the required details and click on save button to create the deal.

You can Edit the deal by clicking on Edit button from deal management page.

Now you can change details as well as add or edit deal details in edit page. you can add new deal detail by clicking on plus button on deal detail tab. you can select customer and vendor option there in deal detail.

You can also add Notes there by clicking on plus button on notes tab.

After adding details or updating click on save button to save the deal.


You can also see deal summary by clicking on edit deal button.

Field Name 


Title* Title of a deal
Deal Type* Type of a deal [Revenue,Payment]
Account* For which Account deal is being created
Codedeck* codedeck to use in this deal
Status* status of a deal [Active, Close]
Alert Email Email address to send alerts
Start Date* Start date of a deal
End Date* End date of a deal


Field Name


Type Type [Customer, Vendor]
Destination For which destination
Destination Break For which destination Break
Prefix For which Prefix
Trunk For which Trunk
Revenue/Cost Revenue/Cost for a deal
Deal Rate Deal Rate
Actual Rate Actual Rate
(Profit/Loss) per min (Profit/Loss) per min
Minutes For how much minutes
Profit/Loss Profit/Loss


Field Name Description
Note Note to add