• Created :Wed,11,2017
  • Last Updated:Thu,11,2023

Here you can manage your Disputes.



Adding new Dispute

To add new dispute follow below steps

  1. Click on the button Add new.
  2. New pop up window will be open
  3. Enter all the required information i.e.; Invoice type, Account name, Invoice number, Dispute amount, Notes.
  4. Click on save button.


Field Description
Invoice Type Choose invoice type sent or received
Account Name Select name of Vendor / Customer
Invoice Number Invoice number against which dispute is raised.
Dispute Amount Amount
Browse Attach additional notes description details

Edit / Delete / View Dispute

To edit, view Dispute information or delete click on the below-required buttons

Icon Description
edit  Edit disputes details.
   Click on this button to change the status of the dispute to pending, settled, cancel.
 Notification  Click on Excel or CSV to export all Disputes details from DB in .xls or CSV format.