• Created :Fri,12,2016
  • Last Updated:Tue,11,2022

Here you can setup QoS monitoring. 


Adding New QoS

Click on Add QoS button to add new Qos alert. Fill all required Information and click on save button.






Field Description
Type ACD or ASR
Name A logical name of this alert (this name will also be the email subject)
Active On or Off
Send Email To Email will be sent to specified email addresses (comma separated) 
Low Value (minutes) Low value in minutes to raise alert
High Value (minutes) High value in minutes to raise alert
Alert Criteria You can setup alert on any one of the below
  • - Gateway 
  • - Country
  • - Trunk
  • - Prefix: Enter * for all Prefixes. In order to specify multiple prefixes enter e.g. 91*,44*,442345
  • - Customer 
  • - Vendor
No Of Calls Optional. System will raise alert on specified no of connected calls
Period How often you want to send alerts
Interval Interval based on period 
Day Days of the week on which you want to send alerts
Time Select time at which you want to start sending alerts