• Created :Fri,12,2016
  • Last Updated:Tue,11,2022

This section is designed to create and manage accounts. The main window is represented by the list of all accounts in the system.



Adding New Account

In order to setup new account click On Add New Button. Fill all required details and click on save button.


Email is where all rate sheet emails and other emails will be sent.

Billing Email is where all billing related emails will be sent e.g invoices, payment reminder etc.



In order to bill your customer please make sure Billing is enable: 


In order to manage rates/IPs against Account make sure Customer OR Vendor is enable :



Bulk Account Update

You can bulk update Accounts by clicking on Action > Bulk Actions.




Select the fields you want to update and click on Save.




You can set up your services here. Click on “Add new” button to quickly add services. 


​  rate tables


After adding service you can do additional tasks related to services. You can set up recurring charges related to services.

rate tables


You can set up your additional charges here.

  rate tables



If you have any CLI related to services you can setup that here also.

  rate tables

Enable Payment:

If you are enabling any payment provider then you can provide payment information here.

rate tables


If you want to quickly access your account or want to see the subscription of your all accounts.

rate tables


If you want to give separate access to the customer we have created a separate customer panel. You can see more details about it here.


Icon Description
add-opportunity Add Opportunity
chart    View Customer/ Vendor Activity chart
 account-access Access Credit Control section 
editaccount  Edit Account
viewaccnto  View Account activity e.g. Email/Notes/Tickets/Tasks
customer  Customer section to manage customer rates and download rate sheets in different formats
vendor  Vendor section to manage vendor rates and download rate sheets in different formats
AccountLog View Account change history 
Accounts  Authentication Rule
accountsubscription  Account Asubscriptions