Telecom billing solutions that are flexible and reliable have become increasingly important with the expansion of the telecom industry. Besides dealing with many customer data, these telecom companies must also handle a variety of tasks. Hence, they need a centralized telecom billing solution to improve their daily operations as well as manage their expenses and costs. NEON is a complete telecom process management solution for all types of telecom businesses.

Why Do Companies Need Cloud-Based Telecom Billing Software?

Telecommunications companies have experienced tremendous growth over the past few years, as previously mentioned. Due to this growth, companies have been facing various issues and challenges. New players are entering the market and attempting to attract more customers with their offerings and services. Telecommunication companies are searching for new ways to increase their bottom line because of intense competition and dwindling profits from their traditional offerings.

As a result, Cloud-Based Telecom Billing Software is becoming increasingly needed. Both telecom companies and their subscribers will benefit from these billing solutions because they simplify the whole billing process from the beginning. It is true that there are many billing software options available on the market, but due to NEON's superb billing features, none of them can compete with it. neon softNeon soft

How NEON Can Easily Integrate With Your Existing Platforms?

As we have discussed earlier, NEON is a complete telecom billing process management solution for all kinds of telecom businesses. It has various unique features that others don't have. It can easily integrate with your existing billing gateways like MiRTA, VOS, PORTA ONE, FUSION PBX, VITAL PBX, and much more. Here is the complete detail.

  • Integration With Vos3000

VOS3000 is a Softswitch that operates on a VOIP operation platform. A Softswitch is the central device, which is used in the VoIP industry for connecting a call from one end to the other. It is the safest, reliable and stable operating system that has been designed for performing a wide range of medium and small scale carrier-class operations. Our complete telecom billing software Neon can easily integrate with it. Moreover, it offers a durable, reliable and tried-and-true solution for all users of Vos3000.vos3000

  • Integration With MiRTA 

MiRTA PBX is an easy-to-use interface built over the Asterisk Open Source PBX. It provides features such as load sharing, managing multiple PBX, and high availability configuration. All MiRTA users have access to our telecom billing solution which is stable, secure, and well-tested. A cloud-based platform that streamlines billing, charging, sales, and support and monitoring. Furthermore, the analytic data provided assists you with fraud prevention so your vendor and customer relationships are improved.mirta

  • Integration With Sippy 

Softswitch Sippy is developed by Sippy Software, Inc. which provides high-quality solutions to retail and wholesale telecom businesses. It is not a problem if you already use the Sippy platform as our Cloud Based Telecom Billing Software can be easily integrated with it. You will get a safe, reliable, and stable solution and prevent fraud from taking place.

integration with sippy

Why NEON Should Be Your Top Choice As a Cloud Based Telecom Billing Software?

It is crucial to have an efficient and safe billing system when managing a telecom business. With NEON, businesses can have access to a range of centralized telecom billing solutions with a high degree of reliability. It has a number of features that make it an excellent choice. The main features of this software are billing, CRM, account management, reporting and monitoring and several other features. By combining all these features, you can manage your business more effectively.