Vendor Rates

  • Created :Thu,12,2016
  • Last Updated:Tue,11,2022

You can access Vendor rates section by clicking on blue button on account card.  You will only be able to see this button if Vendor is ON against account.

Vendor On button click below screen will pop up:




 First you will have to enable Trunk. Select the trunk and click on Save.

 Field  Description
Prefix This is used for your internal routing. 
Use Prefix in CDR If ON then system will use above prefix for CDR collection.
CodeDeck Group of codes/prefixes. You can setup Code decks from Settings -> Code Decks. Code Deck is name set for your codes. By having multiple code decks you can freely operate in different names for same codes and change them on the fly.

Vendor Rate

 Here you can View/Edit rates offered by Vendor.  


Vendor Rate Upload 

Here you can upload vendor rate files.


if you have already setup upload template select that otherwise leave it to Select, select the Trunk, browse the file and click on Upload.

You will be taken to below section. Here you can setup column mapping. Enter the Template Name so in future you won't have to set column mapping. Click on Save. Job will be logged to upload vendor rates.


Vendor Rate Download

Here you can download vendor rate sheet in different formats.


Merge output file by Trunk if ON system will generate one file for all selected trunks otherwise separate files will be generated. 


Now will download all current rates

Future will download all future rates

All will download both future and current rates


 Here you can block/unblock countries and codes against Vendor Trunk



Here you can setup preference for codes. Preference is used for LCR generation. Default Preference is 5. 1 is the lowest preference. 


Vendor Rate History

Here you can see all vendor rate sheets upload/download history: