Late Fee

  • Created :Mon,06,2020
  • Last Updated:Tue,11,2022

In Order to create Late Fee go to Billing -> Late Fee. Here you can manage Late Fees.

Late Fee

Adding new Late Fee

To add new Late Fee follow below steps:

  1. Click on the button Add new.
  2. New pop up window will be open
  3. Enter all the required information.
  4. Click on save button.

Late Fee 1


Field Description
Late Fee Name Name will be unique
Type Select Fixed / Percentage
Value Amount
Late Fee Apply Select Once / Daily /Weekly /15 Days/ Monthly


Button Description
   Edit Late Fee Details
 Notification  Click on Excel or CSV to export all Late Fee details in .xls or CSV format.


Assign created Late Fee against Billing Class. This will be default Late Fee.


Late Fee can be changed against individual accounts.