• Created :Wed,11,2017
  • Last Updated:Tue,11,2022

Here you can manage your items.



Adding New Item

To add new items follow below steps

  1. Click on the button Add new.
  2. New pop up window will be open
  3. Enter all the required information i.e.; Name, Item code, Description, Unit cost, Note.
  4. Click the Active button to “ON”.
  5. Click on save.


Field Description
Item Name Name of the product
Item Code A number assigned to item
Description Information about the item
Unit Cost Price of the item
Note Any additional notes directly relevant to items
Active Switch OFF to deactivate item

Add bulk items

To add items in bulk follow below steps

  1. Click on upload button
  2. New window will open click on browse button and upload the file in (.xls, .xlxs, .csv) format
  3. Then click on upload 


Active/Deactivate bulk items

To activate or deactivate items in bulk follow below steps

  1. Click on the check boxes next to items which need to activate or deactivate.
  2. Then click on the Action button from the top right most corner.
  3. Then choose the option active or deactivate.
  4. Once completed Message will appear in a green box item status has been changed.