Invoice Template

  • Created :Fri,11,2017
  • Last Updated:Tue,11,2022

Here you can create your customised invoice templates.


Invoice Template

Adding New Template

In order to create new template click on Add New, enter required details and click on save.

Field Description
Template Name Name of a specific template.
Invoice Start Number No which you want to start generating your invoices from.
Invoice Prefix Prefix you want to add at the start of the invoice no e.g. INV so your invoice no will be INV1.
Estimate Prefix Prefix you want to add at the start of the estimate no e.g. EST so your estimate no will be EST1.
Estimate Start Number No which you want to start generating your estimates/quotations from.

Single Page with totals only:-  One page invoice will be created displaying totals only

First Page with total + usage details attached:- Invoice will be generated with all call details attached with the invoice.

CDR Format

Detail:- will display every single call on the invoice

Summary:- will display summarised calls. You can check under Usage Column based on what columns calls will be summarised.

Group By Service Switch ON If you want to generate Service based invoices.
Split Services on separate pages Switch ON if you want to display each service on separate page on invoice.
Logo Upload your company logo here
Show Zero Call Switch ON if you want to display ZERO value calls on invoice.
Show Previous balance If ON system will display previous account outstanding balance on the invoice.
Date Format Select your desired date format.
Show Billing Period Switch ON if you want to display billing period from and to on invoice.

You can setup your company/payment details by clicking on Periodic View button.

You can customise Usage/Call Details by clicking on Usage Column button.

You can delete invoice template by clicking on Delete button.

Periodic View

Here you can setup your company and payment details like your Bank Details. Once setup click on Save.




Usage Column

Here you can customise Usage/Calls section system displays on invoice.





Management Reports

Here you can manage the reports you want to display in invoice and on invoice view page.



Invoice Template 1


Invoice page will have this Invoice Template 2button when enabled.

You can rename report. You can also show and hide report and change ordering of report. 

 Click on Save button to enable these reports. 

Invoice Template 3