Billing Class

  • Created :Fri,12,2016
  • Last Updated:Thu,01,2018

A Billing class is a definition of various properties (e.g. invoice terms) which can be easily applied to a large number of Accounts.



Adding New Billing Class

In order to setup new Billing Class click On Add Billing Class. Enter required details and click on save.



Field Description
Class Name Name of a specific Billing class
Description  A logical description of this Billing Class.
TAX Set the taxes that are to be applied to the customers of this class. you can select multiple taxes.
Payment Term Invoice terms, i.e. how many days after invoice generation payment is expected.
Round Charge Amount Rounding of the invoice total.
Billing Timezone Timezone in which you want to bill your customer.
Invoice Template Invoice Template for Invoice Creation.
Send Invoice Email  -Defines the way of delivering the invoice to the customer via email. Select one of the available options:
  • - Automatically – Invoice is automatically sent to the customer when a new invoice is created.
  • - After admin review – Invoice is sent to the customer only after review and approval by admin.