• Created :Thu,03,2017
  • Last Updated:Mon,11,2020

Click on Users to view users list.




Here you can manage system users. 


Adding New User

Click on Add New to setup new user. Enter required details and click on Save.





Field Description
First Name First Name of the user
Last Name Last Name of the user
Email Email Address to login to NEON 
Password Password to login to NEON
Confirm Password Password to login to NEON
Roles Assign user Role
Job Notification Switch ON if you want system to send user email notifications about job statuses.
Active Switch OFF to deactivate user.
Admin User Switch ON if super admin user and can see everything in the system. If Super Admin user then don’t need to assign roles to this user.



Icon Description
edit  Click on this button to edit user details.
   Click on this button to enable job notifications against user.
 Notification  Click on this button to disable job notifications against user.