• Created :Tue,09,2017
  • Last Updated:Tue,11,2022

You can setup Email Notifications for Agent, Requester, CC and Custom Templates from Admin -> Email Templates. 

  • Agent Notifications: This gives the ability to alert the agent through notifications when your customer replies to ticket, when a ticket is assigned to the agent etc. 
  • Requester Notifications: This gives the ability to alert your customer through notifications when you receive the ticket, agent closes a ticket, agent replies to ticket etc
  • CC: This gives the ability to alert the email addresses added in the CC field when a new ticket is created by the agent.
  • Custom Templates: This gives the ability to customize and prefill default information you want added in the agent ticket replies.


Template Type Purpose

Requester - New Ticket Created

CC - New Ticket Created

To notify the corresponding customer that a ticket has been created for them. 
Agent - New Ticket Created  To notify agents every time a ticket is created in the Group.

Agent - Assigned to Group To alert all agents in the corresponding group that a new ticket has been assigned to the group.
Agent - Ticket Assigned to Agent To alert the agent that a ticket has been assigned to them.
Agent - Requester Replies to Ticket Alerts the agent assigned to a ticket when the ticket requester adds a reply to the ticket 
Agent - Escalation Email When a ticket assigned to a group has not been assigned to any particular agent by 30 minutes (default), this escalation email will be sent. 

Agent Resolve SlaVoilation

Agent Response SlaVoilation

When the agent has not responded or resolved a ticket within the SLA
Agent - Note added to ticket When another agent added internal note to a ticket.

Requester - Agent Resolved the Ticket

Requester - Agent Closes the Ticket

To notify the customer if the status of their ticket has been changed to "Resolved" or "closed"



You can switch them ON and OFF by changing status to ON or OFF.  If OFF, notification will not be sent.