Xero Integration

  • Created :Fri,11,2017
  • Last Updated:Tue,11,2022

You will need to setup first in xero.

First Login in https://login.xero.com.

After that same that login you need to go https://my.xero.com.

In my xero create organisation.



After Organisation setup go to https://developer.xero.com/myapps/

Click on "new App".

Create Private App for connect your organisation with this app.



App Name : Application Name
Organization : Select Your Organization.
Public Key : Upload Cerificated File.

Please goto below link and find instruction for create publickey.cer and privatekey.pem files.

publickey.cer will use in private app and privatekey.pem will use in neon integration.

Neon Integration

In order to setup integration with Xero go to Integration -> Select Category 'Accounting' and click Next and click on Xero :
Below screen will pop up:





Field Description
Consumer Key: App Consumer Key
Secret: App Consumer Secret
Upload certificate file (.pem): Upload generated privatekey.pem file

Chart of Accounts Mapping

Here you will need to setup Chart of Accounts mapping. It will Use In "Journal Post". All Taxes which will be setup under Billing -> Tax Rate will display here.

You will need to setup in which Chart of Accounts you want to post Invoices/Payments and Taxes.



Once you will setup integration with Xero successfully under Billing -> Invoices page you will see Xero post and Xero journal button.



Select Invoice and click on Xeo Post or Xero Journal. Job will be logged. 
  • Only fully Paid Invoices will be posted as Journal to Xero .
  • if you receive this error ' Xero API Not Setup Correctly ' then go to Integration section Check Input Parameter.
  • Please make sure all Chart of Accounts mapping are setup correctly.