The telecom industry has been experiencing tremendous growth for some time now across all regions and this has given rise to the demand for efficient billing systems. The rise of competition in the telecom industry gave birth to complex forms of telecom plans for subscribers which ultimately raised the demand for telecom billing solutions. NEON SOFT is here to offer telecom billing management services to all telecom companies. If you are a telecom business owner and want to run your business smoothly, then hire our award-winning telecom billing solution.

What is Telecom Billing Process?

 Essentially, telecom billing comprises a system of gathering and grouping the usage data of a set of accounts or customers’ telecommunications services and products for the purpose of producing and sending invoices to those accounts and recording payments to them. Receiving and recording payments from customers is also part of the Telecom Billing process. There are three areas of this process including operations, financial management, and information management. 

The telecom industry has grown to include telecom billing software as an important aspect of its financial operations. In managing telecommunication expenses and costs, telecom billing plays a crucial role. Telecom billing has many benefits, but its greatest benefit is in managing expenses. Additionally, telecom billing solutions can include a wide variety of additional functions dependent on client requirements. Having a telecom billing solution can assist you to monitor the overall time used for your business.  

Reasons Why Should You Choose Us as Your Telecom Billing Solutions Provider?

The need for a robust telecom billing system is essential for any company dealing with telecommunications. We are currently the only providers capable of providing expert-level services, even though there are other service providers available. We have been providing the industry with straightforward billing solutions in telecom by way of our intelligent billing platform for years.

Here are some reasons why should you choose us:

Lessening Errors Associated With the Billing Process

 There are many steps involved with the telecom billing process, and they should always be followed correctly. Due to the fact that it includes the time of day and per-minute billing. Considering this, all telecom service providers should understand how important high billing accuracy is. It is important to keep in mind that a minor error within a minute can negatively impact the company's finances and result in subscribers being lost to its competitors. As an experienced and complete telecom billing solution providing company, our services ensure that users receive a flawless final bill. In doing so, the users are also reassured that their problems will not be out of their control.

We Provide Detailed Billing Information

It is always on the minds of telecom subscribers to find ways to reduce their telecom expenses. These subscribers benefit by having detailed data about their telecom use, allowing them to make informed decisions. Furthermore, it demonstrates the company's concern and sincerity for its respectable subscribers. Thus, we ensure that each and every type of information is included in the billing report. In addition, this data includes call duration by subscriber, time and date when a call was made, and the number of send/receive messages. With our advanced telecom billing software, every user or subscriber can easily access Telecom Company’s online portal by simply log in. 

Payments on time

Sending your invoices sooner will result in quicker payment. Our reliable and affordable telecom billing solutions ensure timely generation and delivery of invoices to subscribers. By using this solution, telecom subscribers are able to make payments in advance, helping to avoid late and delinquent charges. In addition, we have implemented a system that alerts subscribers of approaching due dates automatically. Subscribers are therefore able to set up timely payments, which will ensure your business has a strong cash flow. We can help you to avoid late payments. So don't let your subscribers have an excuse to pay late. Hire us and we'll finish on time. 


It is imperative for telecom companies to realize that when they roll out a new service, they have to invest some money into telecom billing software. NEON SOFT offers a scalable centralized telecom billing solution to manage your business more efficiently. The beginning of our relationship with a client stems from establishing trust and a close working relationship. Whenever you have questions, we're happy to assist. You are welcome to contact us at any time and we will be more than happy to help you in this matter.